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Episode 3: Emergency Podcast – Ficam W withdrawal

In a special one-off episode of the Killgerm podcast and a break from the usual format, Eden sat down once again with Dr. Matt Davies from the technical team at Killgerm to react the breaking news of the withdrawal of a stalwart of pest control in Ficam W. The pair of them speak about why it’s happened, the alternatives and why it’s not the end of pest control.

Episode 2: K-Othrine Partix

Among the seemingly endless changes in the industry, Eden Harris is discussing one of the positive ones with Bayer’s Technical Manager, Richard Moseley. They discuss the exciting new broad-spectrum suspension concentrate, K-Othrine Partix, why it’s such an innovative product and how it’s changing the face of insecticide use.

Episode 1: Asian Hornet/Fendona 6SC withdrawal

For the first ever Killgerm podcast, our regular host Eden Harris is joined by the Head of the Killgerm Technical department, Dr. Matt Davies to discuss the situation with Asian Hornets this year and what to do if you see one as well as the negatives of the recent withdrawal of Fendona 6SC, the potential …

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